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you should buy your puppy from lilpoodles
Nothing beats the companionship of owning your own dog..

I hope I have the perfect puppy for you. We don't just breed puppies for show or profit. We want you to have the highest quality pet for your new best friend.

The fact that you are spending so much time reading my site tells me you care.

You want to make an educated choice. Puppies and Breeders come a dime a dozen. But quality breeders that are trying to supply good quality puppies that represent their breed are few and far between. Your searching has paid off. I do genetic health testing on my adult breeding dogs to be sure they don't carry genetic health problems. I breed for a calm temperament.

I go out of my way to provide excellent customer support after your purchase...

and would love to have you refer my services to your friends and family. I enjoy receiving updates on the puppies and stay in contact with my puppy's owners.

Your puppy can be micro-chipped to guard against loss or theft.

It is an inert electronic transponder the size of a grain of rice, that's easily implanted in the scruff of the neck. It cannot be seen by the human eye, but, in the event that your puppy is lost or stolen, it can be scanned by police departments and veterinary clinics to identify you as the puppy's owner. We offer micro chipping -- ask for details.

Your puppy is small because of selective breeding.

Many unscrupulous breeders will in-breed to shrink the size of their puppies. Not at Lilpoodles! We feel that inbreeding is unethical and profit-driven, and we are strongly opposed to the process. That's why we are so open about providing three generation pedigrees for your inspection.

Your puppy will arrive well-groomed.

We will remove your puppies dew claws and dock their tails at about the third day of their life. Your puppy will be groomed at least twice prior to being adopted by you. This is an important part of the socialization process -- it helps the puppies get used to the bathing as well as the sound and feel of electric clippers... and your puppy will look so cute when it arrives! Specify if you would like a clean shaven face or the fluffy face.

Your puppy can be seen in their own online video.

Pictures are nice... but videos are a special way for you to become familiar with your puppy's appearance and personality in advance, before you make a decision to invest in puppy adoption.

Your puppy will be allowed to nurse longer at Lilpoodles.

We allow puppies to nurse for as long as they want, because their mother's milk provides valuable antibodies that will help your puppy have a stronger immune system to fight off different kinds of future sickness.

I believe in rescuing dogs, but...

Many times they come with unexpected costly problems . They may have bad manners and habits that require you to hire a behavior specialist. They may be afflicted with many health problems as they start to age. This can result in costly vet bills. I am sure this is one of the reasons you are looking for a quality purebred -- so you know what type of dog you are getting. The fact that you care enough to research the breed you're interested in tells me you most likely will provide the best home for one of my puppies. And I appreciate your efforts. I believe I have the best quality Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers.

Your puppy will arrive happy, healthy, and well-socialized!

Your puppy will have been started on the house-training process. Your puppy will be happy and well-adjusted, he will have been called by the name you have chosen, so when he hears you say his name, he won't feel like a stranger when he first arrives in your home.

And there's more!
  • Your puppy will be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). And you will have the option available of choosing four generation online pedigrees or three generation printed pedigrees. A pedigree is your puppies "family trees" showing names and colors of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.

  • We'll even take your puppy back!

    If your situation changes and you no longer are able to provide tender, loving care for your dog, there is no need to send him to the pound or give him away to an unknown person. We gladly perform "poodles rescues"... just call us, anytime if you need help.

Bardstown, KY 40004

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