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My name is Cathy. I am the owner of and have devoted many years of my life to producing calm, intelligent, healthy poodle puppies for all of my wonderful clients. I truly believes that no one should be without the love dogs give.

I strive to better the breed with each breeding and pride myself in having beautiful, intelligent, calm puppies. Many colors are available, including the popular Parti colors.

Lilpoodles does Genetic Health testing.
Lilpoodles focuses on selling the best quality Teacup, Toy, Miniature, and Standard poodles.

I am a small, honest breeder and with my expertise, will help get the right puppy for you. My pups are raised in the house, properly socialized and started in training when you get them. I provide continuing customer service even after your purchase.

No Short Cuts -- It's important that you read this!
If you’re looking for an adorable toy, teacup, miniature or standard poodle -- you’ve come to the right place. strives to provide the best poodle puppies possible, and in doing so, we take no short-cuts. We consistently go the extra mile even if it takes a little more time or costs a little more money, to insure that all of our puppies are healthy, happy, and placed in loving homes. We do genetic testing on the breeding dogs to ensure that they are not passing health problems to their puppies.

Prior to giving birth, our puppy moms are under regular veterinary care and monitored by a sophisticated ultrasound fetal heart rate Doppler that we have been trained to use. The fetal heart rate Doppler confirms pregnancy and monitors the well-being of developing puppies. If an unborn puppy is undergoing stress, we are able to intervene quickly with either the appropriate medication or a caesarean section before the puppy is lost.

After birth, we begin the human bonding process and socialization protocol at about the second to third week -- depending on how strong, alert, and active the puppies are. We like to begin bonding as soon as they open their eyes. They are greeted several times a day with soft and gentle human voices, and they are cradled in our arms, while laying on their backs. In this position of submission, we gently rub their little puppy tummies so they can begin to build trust towards humans. It is important that a lot of time be spent with puppies at this important developmental time of their lives, so they can learn to feel secure with humans.

To determine the adult size your puppy will be when full grown, please follow the weight chart located on our website. We use an extremely accurate (and expensive!) digital scale to verify our puppies weight from their birth until the time we place them in their adoptive homes. Correct height measurements are taken from the floor to the top of the little ridge between their shoulder blades. Technically, that area is called the “withers.” Our pups are charted every week on their height and weight. Predicting a puppy’s exact height and weight as an adult, is not an exact science, but we make an earnest attempt to use precise height and weight measurements that are predictive indicators of future size.

Many, many breeders are too casual in this important area, and can only provide guesstimates based on low-cost, inaccurate baby scales like you’d get at Wal-mart that don’t provide the fractional increments needed for weighing Teacup Poodles. For height measurements, many breeders simply use a ruler and visually guesstimate the height. To accurately measure the height of our puppies, we use a commercial angle-square to provide precise measurements. Our purpose in mentioning all of this is not to criticize the way others operate -- but rather to inform you that we do things differently, and we think better in these important areas.

Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment and in our 30’ x 50’ area we call our puppy playhouse. It is a dedicated space that is well lit and comfortable. All of our poodles live pampered lives with lots of daily playtime, exercise, excellent whole-food nutrition, and human interaction and supervison.

Bardstown, KY 40004

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