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you should buy your puppy from lilpoodles
Here is our outstanding collection of poodle moms.

Sugar Bear

More Pictures of Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear (Female)

Size: Teacup
Weight: 4 lbs
DOB: 1/14/2009
Height: 8 inches
Color: Brown and White Parti

Little teacup Sugar Bear is my cuddle buns. She has a darling teddy bear face and is a sweet, calm, very affectionate and loyal little girl. She is never on a leash, she follows me every where I go. Or I just put her in my purse when I am running my errands she loves going places. Her puppies always take after her and look like her too. She produces some of my smallest teacup puppies. Her son is Rocky who is on my sire's page if you want to see what her puppies look like. Sugar favorite treat is a Mc Donalds cheese burger sometimes I get her one if I am ordering and she is giving me that look. You know the look, I can hardly resist. You will be crazy about Sugar's puppies.


More Pictures of Yvette

Yvette (Female)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 5 lbs
DOB: 10/1/2010
Height: 9 inches
Color: White

This precious little darling is a daughter to my retired show dog Reese. Yvette has the cutest teddy bear face with a pink nose. Everyone loves Yvette, she is very affectionate. She has a funny little habit when she eats her dinner she takes each kibble out of the bowl walks into the living room drops it on the rug and eats it. She does this until her bowl is empty. She is a very entertaining little girl always playing tag with her doggie friends and throwing a toy in the air for herself when no one else wants to play. She brightens my day, each and every one of them.


More Pictures of Sassy

Sassy (Female)

Size: Teacup
Weight: 4 lbs
Height: 9 inches
Color: Ice White

Sassy is a tiny Teddy Bear Poodle and produces drop dead gorgeous teacup and tiny toy puppies. Out of all my little girls she is one of my favorites. I know I shouldn't have favorites but I love the way she cuddles up with me. When I pick her up she curls up like a little teddy bear and is so soft I love to pet her. She is super smart and can do a little dancing bear tricks standing on her back legs. You will be crazy about her puppies.


More Pictures of Lizzy

Lizzy (Female)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 6.5 lbs
DOB: 5/10/2007
Height: 9 inches
Color: Brown and White Parti

Lizzy produces Teddy Bear faces on her puppies. And they all have her calm, wonderfully loving temperament. As you can tell from her pictures she is bright and intelligent. All her pups are sweet,intelligent, confident little charactors. They all have beautiful markings most of her pups are black and white and occationally a brown and white. It is hard to get brown and white it is a rare color. All of her pups are fantastic but if you lucky enough to get a brown and white one from Lizzy people will stop you on the street to ask about your dog. These pictures don't do her justice. She is much cutier in real life.


More Pictures of Emma

Emma (Female)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 5 lbs
Height: 10 inches
Color: White

Many people don't know what a Teddy Bear face Poodle is.

Emma has a short nose as do most of my breeding dogs and she has her hair cut in a Teddy Bear clip.
She is no longer having puppies, she is spayed.
I have her picture here to show you what a Teddy Bear clip looks like on a Poodle.
Most people don't know she is a Poodle. People stop me all the time to ask what kind of dog she is.
Teddy Bear face Poodles are new and fast becoming the most popular style of Poodle.
Here at Lil Poodles we specialize in Teacup, tiny toy and Teddy bear faced Poodles.


More Pictures of Rooster

Rooster (Female)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 4 lbs
DOB: 2/11/2007
Height: 10 inches
Color: Red

Rooster is one of our top producing little girls of sweet tiny Teddy Bear teacups. Rooster is very gentle and calm natured. Just a cuddle bug and her puppies are just like her. She is a great mom. Roosters pups are tiny and love to go everywhere with you. And her puppies are drop dead gorgeous if you are lucky enough to get one of her babies you will be very happy.


More Pictures of Chloie

Chloie (Female)

Size: Toy
Weight: 5.5 lbs
DOB: 4/23/2011
Height: 10 inches
Color: Silver

Chloie has soft, sweet eyes and a calm temperament. Her pups are sweet as can be. She did not really like getting her picture taken, she has a naturally smiley little face that doesn't come through on her pictures. She loves to play with the other dogs, and gets along with everyone, because of her calm, laid back personality. She is a happy go lucky little girl. And her puppies are calm and intelligent like their momma.


More Pictures of Kahlua

Kahlua (Female)

Size: Toy
Weight: 5.1 lb
DOB: 11/13/2011
Height: 10 inches
Color: Brown

Kahlua has the sweetest disposition. She is as soft and cuddly as a Teddy bear. Very smart and a little mischievous. You would fall in love with her in a heart beat. Her father is Sam you can see him on my sires page. Her mother is now retired. Both her parents are a gorgeous dark brown. Her mother has never let me down in producing beautiful little teddy bear face puppies that are calm and loving. Kahlua was my pick of litter and I love her to pieces.

ShowNoff Percilla

More Pictures of ShowNoff Percilla

ShowNoff Percilla (Female)

Size: Teacup
Weight: 4.3 lbs
DOB: 11/6/2010
Height: 9 inches
Color: Ice White

Percilla is very tiny and petite. I love showing her off when we go on walks. People stop me in the street constantly to ask me about her. She prances when she walks and really struts her stuff. A very proud little dog. Super smart, she knows several tricks and her favorite treat is chicken bits. To know Percilla is to love her. You will be crazy about her puppies.Percilla has a short nose and produces the cutest teddy bear puppies. They are tiny, petite little fur balls that will steal your heart.


More Pictures of Kaydence

Kaydence (Female)

Size: Toy
Weight: 6 lbs
DOB: 12/15/2011
Height: 11 inches
Color: Black and White Parti Colored.

Kaydence has the happiest personality and a absolutely darling teddy bear face. She is smiling all the time. And loves to curl up in my lap when ever she catches me sitting down. I love to pet her coat she is so soft and fluffy. She has a wonderfully calm temperament that she passes along to her puppies. Both of her parents are black and white parti colored and she produces my most gorgeous black and white parti puppies.

Champion Sisco's Paddy /Whack Brat

More Pictures of Champion Sisco's Paddy /Whack Brat

Champion Sisco's Paddy /Whack Brat (Female)

Size: Toy
Weight: 5 lbs
Color: Ice White

This little Champion is the mother to Cruiser who is pictured on my Sires page.
Champion Sisco's
Paddy Whack Brat
"Chattie" is her call name.
Award of Merit
Westminster 2008
She is owned by Karen who is also her breeder.

805 West Stephen Foster Ave., Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone 502-348-7787  •  Cell 775-720-6546  •

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