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I have enjoyed showing and breeding Poodles for over 35 years.
Due to illness I have stopped. can be found on the home page of Google under most search terms and 1000's of places on the Internet. The site generates lots of traffic and leads and if you're interested in purchasing it and the domain name I will consider any reasonable offer. Site can easily be changed to suit your needs.
Please call 775-720-6546.


Shopping list for your puppy.

• Eukanuba small breed dry
  puppy food
• Puppy safe toys, No rawhide
  or greenies
• Leash (flexi) and collar or
• Exercise pen 30 inches
• Potty Park, indoor toilet for
• Pet bed
• Food and water bowl
• Crate
• Grooming brush and comb
• Tearless shampoo and

Bardstown, KY 40004

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