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Payment and Deposit information

The puppy and shipping charges must be paid in full before we ship. We may be able to ship the following day with a credit card payment. A buyer must be 100% sure they want the puppy before any payment transaction is to take place. We will "hold" a puppy for you if you make a 1/2 down deposit.

Our Simple Guarantee

Lilpoodles guarantees your puppy is in good health and free of hereditary defects at the time of purchase. Lilpoodles will provide a copy of the State-Licensed Veterinarian Puppy Exam. An official health certificate will also accompany each puppy that must ship by air.


Shipping, Information and Prices

We ship to most anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Shipping live animals is very simple. We have shipped over 100 puppies safely throughout the years. The horror stories you may have heard or read about in the past were most likely before all of the rules and regulations were made for live animals shipments. The airlines have all become very strict about shipping live animals. In order to ship a live animal, the outside low temperature for the day must not fall below 20ºF, or exceed 85ºF. The one exception to this rule is United Airlines, which has a special way of shipping where the outside temperature does not affect the animals.

Lil Poodles will make all of the flight arrangements for the puppies. The buyer must provide the name, address, and phone number of the person picking up the puppy. A photo ID is required to pick up a puppy in all airports. We provide you with the flight schedule and confirmation/air waybill number.

We have found in the past that our customers like to check flight availability on their own for their puppies. Please understand that not all flights into your airport of choice have the particular aircraft equipment necessary for accepting live animals. Only jets that are pressurized and temperature controlled in the cargo area can accept live animal shipments. Please let us handle the flight schedules; it is much easier and quicker. We will do our best to work with your schedule.


Bardstown, KY 40004

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