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AKC compliance report for: LIL POODLES



What does an AKC inspector look for?
AKC inspectors are trained to recognize animal abuse and unethical breeding practices of a breeder.

They have a compliance report that gets filed with AKC once the inspection has been completed. AKC inspections are done regularly, randomly and usually unannounced. Violations may lead to the breeders being banned from AKC and will never be able to regisiter, show or participate with the American Kennel Club.
 DNA samples from puppies and breeding dogs are often collected to ensure that breeders is following ethical breeding practices.



Kennel check report

1.      How many dogs on site?

2.      Dogs must have permanent identification (Microchip) and scanner.

3.      Construction of kennel and cages: sound, in good repair, clean and safe.

4.      Sufficient shelter.

5.      Adequate space for each dog.

6.      Source of fresh air by doors, windows, vents.

7.      Ample artificial or natural light.

8.      Acceptable flooring surface indoor and outdoors.

9.      Accessibility to outdoor runs for exercise.





1.      Overall appearance.

2.      Is there an absence of fecal material or other debris?

3.      Water containers present and clean with sufficient fresh water.

4.      Fresh food provided daily.

5.      Bedding available, is it free of noticeable parasites.


Conditions of Dogs:


1.      Are there any visible signs of excessive parasite infestation?

2.      Any signs of untreated wounds or sores, eye or ear infections?

3.      Are coats inordinately matted/dirty/neglected?

4.      Are any dogs grossly underweight?

5.      Do dogs have access to daily exercise out of cage or pen?


       Summary of Inspection:

1.       Overall, is owner in compliance with AKC's Care and Conditions Policy?


Record Details:

1.       Are all litter and ownership records in order?



Bardstown, KY 40004

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