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My name is Cathy, a fellow pet lover.
 I have an inspired "Crossing Over Blessing" to share with you. It was given to me by an Angel, after my little Pomeranian Brandy passed away from Cancer.

Have you ever felt your pet's Spirit with you even after they have passed?

I am sharing my story and the "Crossing Over Blessing" that I received by Devine inspiration. I didn't realize that sometimes pet's can be stuck here as earth bound Spirits, as I believe Brandy was. I didn't know I could help him cross over and how much relief it would bring me.

One morning, after Brandy had died and I had been praying all night for some help coping with his death. I awoke from a dream and what I remember was an Angel giving me a "Crossing Over Blessing" it really helped me cope with the loss of my baby. The Angel told me that when I was ready, I could help release Brandy with love and guidance to cross over.

I have been inspired to not only share this blessing, but to write a more complete, (which I am continuing to work on) Angel On Loan website, to help others including children cope with the loss of a pet.
 I know not all pet's need help in crossing over. ______________________________________________________________
Have you ever felt your pet's Spirit with you even after they have passed?

The blessing below is what I was inspired to say and do. If you feel inspired to do so, feel free to do it yourself. It may help you feel better and let your pet know you are going to be alright. Do it at your own pace, take the time to really feel what is

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
Close your eyes and visualize a white light surrounding you.
Collect all the painful feelings and emotions from your entire body, and bring them to your heart center.
Allow the light and love to penetrate your heart and every cell in your body.
At the same time release all the pain and burdens from your heart into the light.
 Feel a loving hand supporting you, because you are about to call upon the Devine to help you accept, release and guide your loving pet back to heaven.
Feel the comfort that you have called upon, which is now within you.
(If you are looking for comfort and not to cross your pet over, you can stop here allowing the Devine to unburden your heart.)

*From a sitting position, your hands resting on your lap, palms open and facing up, say out loud or too yourself this blessing.*

Crossing Over Blessing

May the Devine be with us. ( Your pets name ) , I give you permission to go into the light, go to your special place.
You will reunite with those who love you, until me meet again.
I whole heartedly and fully desire for you to have a way home.
I whole heartedly and fully desire for you to be home.
Go to the light with my love, knowing I will be alright.
I love you always and forever.

 Lastly you can ask for comfort and acceptance in knowing (your pets name) was shown the way and is now with those who love and have missed him/her. _____________________________________________________________________ Brandy was the love of my life and I was his. After he passed, I felt like he was still with me, not only in memory but in Spirit as well.
I don't know if dogs have a Soul, but I think they have a Spirit that will never die. I felt that Brandy stayed with me because he knew how bad I was hurting.

There are many people that think of their pets as family members, for me Brandy was like my son. Loosing him was one of the hardest things I have ever survived. The Crossing Over Blessing brought me great comfort.

The full version of Angel on loan is still under construction. I have contracted with a wonderful website designer to create a very meaningful website, to help others cope with the loss of their pet or those whom may be dealing with a terminally ill one.

 I have spent the last 2 yrs gathering meaningful information from professionals and people who have lost their pet.
I think I have something to offer others, adults and children no matter where they are in the grieving process.

 It is commonly felt that grieving the loss of a pet in not socially accepted.
 Many people grieve privately and may turn to the Internet for help.
Creating Angel On Loan is a labor of love.

Sincerely, Cathy
Author of

Bardstown, KY 40004

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tiny, teacup, toy, miniature poodles