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What is house training on a potty park.

 *Whether you're a new dog owner or a seasoned one, at one time or another you have, or probably soon will, wished that you didn't have to walk the dog. In the pouring rain... the snow... when you're running late... when you're not feeling well... it's too early in the morning or too late at night, have you ever thought, "Why doesn't someone make an indoor potty for dogs!" Well the good news is, someone has.

I am a breeder of Toy Poodles and Yorkies and I have been training all my puppies to using a Potty Park before they leave my home. My puppies love it and the puppy buyers rave about it. This makes the transition from my home to their new home less stressful for the new owners and the puppies. Most of the dogs you come across in the shelters are there because they were never house trained properly. My puppies teach themselves to use the Potty Park. The artificial grass resembles real grass. I put the grass in the puppy pen once when I am weaning them from their momma and the puppies take right to it. Most puppies don't like to piddle on the floor or on newspapers because the urine runs onto their feet. Once the puppies discover their little feet stay dry on this absorbent grass they start using it the first day. The indoor dog potty systems hit the market about 5 yrs ago. Since then I have trained my adult show dogs to use one at home and at the show. There is nothing worse than having to take your show dog outside late at night, or if it is raining to potty. Yes I am testimony that adult dogs can learn how to use an indoor dog potty. First a description of the indoor dog potty I use. It use the Potty Park, it is made of antimicrobial plastic which is the most sanitary potty on the market. It does not stimulate odor and is easy to clean. It is antibacterial, controlling germs which are a concern for puppies and small children that might be crawling on the floor. The base of the unit is about 3 1/2 inches tall and holds a urine reservoir that is easy to empty. In fact one of my tricks is to put a folded paper towel in the bottom of the reservoir to absorb the urine. The top has a drain threw artificial grass that looks and feels like real grass. It is easy to clean, I soak my grass in a shallow bath of vinegar and water. The vinegar breaks down the oils in the urine and is an antibacterial.

My Potty Parks do not have any offensive odor.

Training puppies, if you put the puppy in a confined area with the potty park grass your puppy will start using it. Be sure the area is not too large of an area. I recommend that you get a puppy play pen to keep the puppy in while he is not being handled. Start out by putting the grass only in the pen with some newspapers under it. Once the puppy has gotten used to the grass and is big enough to easily climb up on the base of the Potty Park. Then place the whole unit in with the puppy.

Training adult dogs: It will be necessary to temporarily confine your dog to a small area with the potty park. Some people don't like to put their dog in a small play pen because they are used to having free run of the house. Or they think the dog will be upset with them for putting them in a play pen while you are away from the house. But it is necessary in order to train you little dog properly. Some people already have a crate that their dog stays in during the day. Each house hold is different. Anyways to start out you will want to set up a play pen area that is about two feet wide by four feet deep. Put your dogs favorite bed in the pen and the Potty Park grass. I recommend that you start out by taking the grass off the base of the potty park until your dog has used it for several days. Be sure to place some absorbent material like newspapers or a piddle pad under the grass. Leave your dog in this play pen while your away from home or a sleep at night. It is very important not to make a big deal over the potty park grass. Don't tell your dog to go potty on it, set up your pen and let your dog figure out the rest. If you start out by putting the whole unit base and all in the pen you dog may think of it as a bed. It is natural for dogs to lay on a surface that is up off the ground and how nice it has grass too. If you take it off the base and put it on the floor your dog will soon realize that to go potty he will either have to urinate in his bed or on the grass which should of been placed in the back of the pen. A dog's natural instincts are to go to the back of the pen and potty on the grass. Once your dog has used the grass several times, you can make the play pen larger. Do this progressively until your dog has full access to your house and is successfully using the Potty Park. If your dog regresses simply regress your training back to the last step or size pen in which he was using the Potty Park. Some dogs take a few days to get it and some will take a few weeks, be patient. The best tips are start out with the grass off the base, don't make a big deal over the new set up or the grass. The best tips for cleaning is to use something that breaks down oil. Urine has oil in it so a dish detergent or vinegar is sufficient.

Potty Park introduces the first uniquely designed, odor-free, portable indoor dog potty that leaves the competition in the dust. No longer will you have to cope with torn newspaper, the expense and smell of pee pads, or the messy dirt and gravel needed with alternative products that require you to plant your own dog grass. Potty Park™ is fully portable, easy to clean, and the best of all it leaves no tell-tale doggie odors.

In fact, Potty Park™ is odor-free and backed with a "no odor guarantee."
Constructed of high quality durable materials, Potty Park™ includes a washable synthetic grass surface specially designed with a permanent antimicrobial and antibacterial coating that prevents not only odors from forming, but also protects against fungi, mildew, bacteria, and molds. Here at Potty Park™, we want to safeguard your dog's comfort and health, as well as your own.   No more having to buy the expensive piddle pads. Odor free antimicrobial plastic, most sanitary potty on the market.


Bardstown, KY 40004

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