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Apple Cider Vinegar, Great for Adult dogs!

Why You Should Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your pets Water

For adult dogs only.
Suggested mixing ratio: 1 teaspoon per quart

Apple Cider Vinegar may sound like an odd thing to add to your dogs water, but we highly recommend it. Doing so will have these positive effects on your poodles health.


• Helps eliminate tear stained eyes
• Helps develope stronger immune systems
• Helps control weight
• Helps improve digestion & ph balance


• Helps maintain healthy skin
• Helps produce shiney coats
• Helps eliminate potty odors

We recommend Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar because it is 100% certified organic and is unfiltered, unheated, unpasturized and has a 5% acidity. It contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which includes natural strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. Available nationwide at low cost -- about $5.00 per quart, and it will last for many months.

Archie, Missouri
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tiny, teacup, toy, miniature poodles