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Poodle and Poo Mix Colors

Poodle Colors

Poodles come in every color you can think of. Some breeders are even breeding merles in the Poodles now. We usually get Reds, Browns, and Blacks. We also get Whites, Creams, Apricots, and Café au lait on occasion. We have a few Parti Poodles we can get partis in the different colors from. We also get phantoms and sable colors.  Sometimes I can have a different color available as well if someone uses my stud that has a different colored female.

Tips on colors:

Reds, Apricots, and creams are all RED Genes. Dilute the red and you get the lighter tones.

Café au lait is from a diluted Brown Gene. Which can be so light it looks cream or white.

Café au laits and silver beige look almost exactly alike but are from different genes.

And a Black pup can turn blue or gray as he ages.

Whites can hide White markings they carry. A White Poodle with white chest gene will look all white.

Absolutely any Poodle can fade since ALL Poodles carry the fading gene.

Red is the only color that absolutely always fades. ALL REDS WILL  BE APRICOT ADULTS. EVEN THE DARKEST MAHOGANY RED. The longest I have ever seen a Toy Poodle hold onto it’s dark red is three years of age. All of our parents get their photos taken for our site around 1 to 2 yrs of age, so if older than this they are most likely lighter in color. This same gene can make a light apricot puppy end up a tad darker apricot as an adult… Crazy how this same gene can darken a very light pup and fade a very dark one. This is because the first reds came from Apricot colored Poodles. So all are really an apricot dog, just some are darker and some are light like cream colored.

Browns may fade or may stay dark, Same with Black.

So since colors very so much there is no way any breeder can guarantee any puppy will be a certain color as an adult. Even if you bought a 1 or 2 yr old adult there is a good chance it could fade no matter what color it is when you got it. Remember ALL Poodles carry the fading gene. This goes for Poodle mixes as well, since they have a Poodle parent and may have inherited the fading genes.

Here is a site that has some articles on Poodle Colors:

Archie, Missouri
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