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Health Testing

Many people have lots of opinions on testing their adult dogs for genetic blood disorders and for OFA hip elbows, etc... I only test my personal parents of my Giant Schnauzers and Giant Schnoodles. I have chosen to do this because this breed has issues that can be passed down such as thyroid, hip and elbow joint issues, eyes issues, as well as Von Willebrands disease. About half the adult Giants I have had tested failed on one of these tests and a good breeder will have all these tests performed and only breed adults with passing results. The smaller breeds tend to be less likely to have issues as long as you know your lines and stay away from inbreeding, and so I just make sure the smaller breeds come from healthy genetic lines with no signs of health issues in their parents, grandparents and all their offspring and siblings. It is extremely rare that one of my small breed pups would have a issue such as a loose knee or something like that, but in almost every case the knee tightened up before a year of age. If I would ever have a parent that threw pups with an issue I would stop breeding that parent and the puppy buyer would be covered by our nice health guarantee. Always be a good puppy purchaser and do your home work. ask the breeder questions and make sure they care enough to answer each one. If a breeder is short with you before you buy a puppy you can imagine how they will be after you get your puppy and have a problem. I keep my cell phone on me 24/7 and if I am unavailable at the time of your call you can be sure I will be calling you back within a few hours. Thanks, Kristina

Archie, Missouri
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tiny, teacup, toy, miniature poodles