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Dog Health

Dog Supplies

  • Dog Crates
    Huge selection of dog crates, dog carriers, and dog kennels to choose
    from. Find the perfect dog crate for your needs. Dog crates at discount
    and wholesale prices.

  • Pet Carriers
    Pet Carries and Pet Car Seats

Dog Training

Puppy Mill Information

  • - a graphic, sad site sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

  • - explains how unsuspecting pet shop puppy buyers support puppy mills with their purchases.

  • Beware of the Pet Store - Here's a brochure sponsored by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) urging people to "never, ever buy an animal from a pet store." ...and explains why.
    Backyard Puppy

Raw Food Diets

  • Nature’s Variety
    Natures Variety has a very high quality complete meal available in frozen, canned or dry dog food options. This is a good food to use if you don’t want to mix your dog’s food.

  • Flint River Ranch
    Flint River Ranch is the dry dog food of choice for our dogs. Our poodles typically receive one dry dog food meal each day and this is what they enjoy. It is all natural, prepared in small batches and made with organic meat.

  • Sojos European-Style Dog Food Mix
    These sites carry the grain mixture that can be added to the raw meat of your (or your dog’s) choice. The package explains the ratio that is needed and how to prepare it.

  • Sojos Europa Grain-Free Dog Food Mix
    This is a dehydrated vegetable mixture that once rehydrated and mixed with the raw meat and grains delivers a complete meal for your dog.


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