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Here is a photo album of our proud poodle daddys.

More Pictures of Vinny

Vinny (Male)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 5 lbs
DOB: 1/21/2012
Height: 9 inches
Color: Apricot

Melt your heart darling. Vinny is a real ladies man and one of my best little stud dogs. He is so sweet and very smart. His puppies are tiny, fun, happy, super smart, and gorgeous. Vinny has a teddy bear face and is a little doll in a teddy bear clip. I took pictures of him in a poodle clip as well so you can see how pretty he is.

More Pictures of Reese, retired show dog

Reese, retired show dog (Male)

Size: Teacup
Weight: 4.5 lbs
DOB: 6/6/2007
Height: 10 inches
Color: Ice White

Reese is now retired from Showing.He produces TEACUP puppies with Teddy Bear faces.
His little adorable face will melt your heart. Most all of his puppies get his little cutie pie face. He is a very smart and frisky. Tons of personality and loves to snuggle on my lap when I relax.
If your lucky enough to get one of his little pups your are in for a treat, they are beautiful, intelligent, and prance around like little prince and princesses.

More Pictures of Teddy Bear Rocky

Teddy Bear Rocky (Male)

Size: Teacup
Weight: 4 lbs
DOB: 7/24/2011
Height: 8 inches
Color: Black and White Parti

Rocky is fun and playful always playing hard to get with the girls. He comes from some very small lines and will produce micro teacups. Rocky loves everyone and makes friends easily. His gorgeous black and white coat is stunning. He also carries a brown gene and an apricot gene. So he can produce solid colored puppies and parti colored puppies of almost in color. If you are lucky enough to get one of his off spring you will be crazy about his puppies. He is super tiny but holds his own with his brothers and sisters. He is very smart and ofter out smarts me. ;-).

More Pictures of Tebow

Tebow (Male)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 6 lbs
DOB: 12/26/2011
Color: White

Tebow is my little Maltese stud dog and produces tiny Teacups and Mirco Teacup Maltipoo puppies. Tebows father is only 2.5 - 3 lbs and he passes this tiny gene to most of his puppies. He already produced several micro teacups that are just darling. He has an adorable Teddy bear face with a very intelligent look. He is loving, smart, playful and gets along with everyone. He has never met a stranger. His little tail never stops wagging. If you are getting a Tebow puppy you will be very happy.

More Pictures of Champion, Sisco's Do Wop He Bops

Champion, Sisco's Do Wop He Bops (Male)

Size: Toy
Weight: 5
DOB: 8/29/2006
Color: Black

This darling, very elegant little guy loves everyone. Especially the girls. He is spoiled rotten. He puts his calm, loving temperment on all his puppies. He carries a down sizing gene and usually products teacup and tiny toy puppies. Jackson has a very impressive pedigree with champion after champion in his bloodlines. All of his puppies are absolutely adorable.

More Pictures of Teddy Bear Face, Lil Honey

Teddy Bear Face, Lil Honey (Male)

Size: Tiny Toy
Weight: 3 lbs
DOB: 2/12/2004
Height: 8.5 inches
Color: Strawberry Blonde, Apricot

Honey is one of the sweetest little guys! But he didn't like getting his picture taken.
Honey loves to have his belly rubbed, he falls over on his back everytime you go to pet him.

He is exremely calm natured and sometimes even a little lazy! He loves to lay down when I am grooming him. His puppies have the most adorable Teddy bear faces. I only have one Apricot colored breeding pair, because I really like Honey's temperament. He is not skiddish or shy as are most Apricots. You will be crazy about one of his pups.

Bardstown, KY 40004

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