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Here is a photo album of our proud poodle daddys.

More Pictures of Ice

Ice (Male)

Size: Standards
Weight: 75
DOB: 6/3/2011
Color: White

Ice is a slice of white angel food cake. He has proven his stud services time and time again. He loves to play with tennis ball and fetch for you. He is very obedient and is alway there by your side. Ice is a wonderful guard dog but gentle with my children as well. All of our sires have AKC paperwork and have OFA certs.

More Pictures of Dazzler

Dazzler (Male)

Size: Miniature
Weight: 9
DOB: 3/11/2012
Color: Red

Dazzler is a shining beckon in our lives. He is a love bug and very protective at the same time. He has a shorter snout which makes his face very adorable. All our sires are AKC registered and have OFA certs.

El Cajon, CA 92021
Rex Wegner or Julia Snyder

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