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We purchased Pepper (aka Rosetta Rose) from the Jordan family and are absolutely in love with her. She is small and has a lot of spunk to her and all the other dogs we have just love her. She is a wonderful addition to our family. Angela

Our Isabella Jean has been nothing short of GREAT!! It was such a INCREDIBLE experience! She is an AWESOME dog and a GREAT companion!! Carmen

We had our Barley flown to us the day before Thanksgiving 2015 and we could not be happier! He is so full of personality and is the sweetest and most calm dog! He gets along great with other dogs and humans too! He loves to snuggle! And he loves to play fetch! We moved to Dubai 8 months ago and Barley loves to play in the sand (when it's not too hot out) and he even joins us on camping trips in the dunes! Ashley

I would tell anyone that is looking for a beautiful full faced Poodle that is tiny sized to look into this breeder. I received two sisters from them in 2009 and both have been healthy family pets that are the center of our family of six. I was nervous about shipping to say the least, but Kristina eased my concerns and all went well. Kristina helped me through the whole process of being a new pet owner and has always been there for me when I had a question. I recommend this breeder over anyone else. Trisha Edwards

I was so lost after my 15 yr old family pet had to be put to sleep this past fall. Kristina was so nice to take my call, in which I was a blubbering mess, crying like a baby. She was caring and very polite. I will always cherish that first phone call. I now have a vibrant new addition to my family to spoil thanks to the Jordans. Puppy did great during the flight to me and has been perfect in every way. Highly recommend this family. I plan on keeping in touch and sending lots of family photos. Liz

Over the Fourth of July weekend we drove from Texas to Kansas to pick up our puppy from Jordan Family. I had recently been scammed on the internet and had almost given up on the chance to find my furry baby. But, my niece found the Jordan Family and the rest is history. When I saw the name "Karma" beside her cute face, I knew this actually was karma....of the good kind. Deborah talked to me and texted me frequently, and even opened up her home for my niece to visit and take pictures/videos of Karma...all to ease my mind and to let me know that she was a "real" puppy. It was a long anticipated wait until Karma was ready to leave her mama, but every step of the way Deborah and Kristina corresponded with me to make sure the transfer from their care to my care was seamless for Karma. I am still in contact with them about her, which I feel speaks volumes for them and the way they treat their furry babies and customers. They truly love their babies and want what is best for them. I could not have asked for better care for Karma than what she received. We have changed her name from Karma to Remi (short for Remedy), as she has been a remedy to our family after our beloved Patches crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and the awful June scam that we endured. If you are in the market for an adorable, well-loved, healthy puppy, look no further. They are the REAL deal.

Awesome breeder! I am absolutely 100 % happy with the puppy I purchased from this breeder. Our Moe is a perfect, great experience. She was awesome with us and even gave us advise on our other dog that we didn't even get from her. Leanne

I bought a beautiful Tiny Toy Poodle girl from the Jordan Family. I believe she was raised at Kristina's friend Linda's house. It took a long while and a lot of calls and emails to find a reputable breeder I felt comfortable with. I could not believe how many scams and fraud was out there. So many "breeders" would contact me telling me to send them money for their puppy that was definitely scams. It was refreshing to actually speak to a breeder that cares for her puppies and spent time answering all my questions. I had well over 20 questions and she was happy to patiently answer each one. Sasha

Thank you! You have given me the greatest gift! I could never have imagined loving something as much as I love my Gigi! It's a pleasure waking up to her every morning and catering to her needs! I run home to play with her and even while at work i constantly say i miss my G'ster through out the day! She's such a cute and smart puppy! She's my doghter and I'm sooo in love with her! She still wears the big red bow you sent with her! She has a closet full of clothes (literally) and bows but the red bow will always be my favorite! Omeika

Very nice family. I bought a puppy in 2012 and then a second in 2016. You can see the love and attention they gave my puppies in their affectionate well mannered personalities. I will be contacting this breeder again for my third pet. I highly recommend if you are looking for a breeder that cares about the puppies and actually communicates with you. They answered every call before and after I bought my puppies. I couldn't even get other breeders to get back with me when I was looking. They were there for me through out and we still send photos and stay in touch today. Alex

Ava is our 4th dog to join our family! Ava recently turned one. She went thru 6 weeks obedience training at around 5 months of age. We stopped kenneling her at 9 months! We live in town with 2 acres she goes outside stays in our yard, and comes when she is called. We can leave her for 8 hours with no accidents or issues. She by far is the smartest dog we have ever had. Best decision. Vanessa

Archie, Missouri
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